19 Tips for Effective E-commerce Web Design That Brings You Sales

Every e-commerce store wants to increase their conversions and traffics. But even after forming a usual strategy, it can still be difficult to choose which marketing tactic to follow. That is why here we have compiled an overview of useful e-commerce marketing tips along with several cool ideas that will help you conduct every approach.

Give these tips a try for the next few weeks and on the last day of your experiment take out your stock and find out which tactic works best to increase sales.

Best Tips for E-commerce Web Design That Brings You Sales

So without further ado let’s just jump right into our list:

1. Upsell your products

According to Indiashoppers If you have ever purchased something online, then I am sure you might have heard the term upselling. Upselling involves selling a slightly higher quality product than the one the client was initially purchasing.

Sometimes customers do not know that there is a premium variant for the product they wish to buy it is during these times upselling works wonders.

2. Integrate Instagram

Since Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, you can use it to your advantage. If your hashtags and compelling photos carefully and in a planned manner you can increase your sales. Instagram is also a great way to engage with your clients.

3. Utilize the cart view option

You should always aim to add a cart option on your e-commerce website. Every leading e-commerce website has this icon on the top right corner of their page. It is always visible, and through this one can check their entire shopping list. Make sure to choose an appropriate sign for your shopping cart.

4. Always offer genuine price

Well, this one of the most common tip but it sure is quite useful. You just need to be honest about your products and everyone is sure to give them a try.

5. Do not distract users

Your website design should be optimized with few ads here and there and only required information nothing more.

6. Use high-quality photos

Always make sure to upload high-resolution pictures of your products. You can also use pictures of the model using the concerned product. It is a great way to attract more clients.

7. Always stay honest

Aside from offering genuine price and great quality pictures, you should also specify the policy, terms and conditions regarding your shipping facility along with returns policy.

8. Include reviews and testimonials

More than 70% of the buyers utilize buyers’ first check for reviews of the products before buying them. So make sure you add in a review section right below the description of each product.

9. Navigation menu

You can also add in a navigation bar through which one can search the product they want through category sections. With the help of the navigation system, you can maximize ease, which goes a long way in converting leads. But do fill the menu too much keep it limited.

10. Organize the list

To make sure products are easily assessable to the clients, you should add them in their respective categories. Through this, you can show a glimpse of multiple different products to your clients.

11.  A Search bar

Everyone who is visiting an E-commerce website would understand generally aspect to use a search bar. It is the most common option on every e-commerce website. If your lead is not able to find the product they want instantly, they are sure to go to a different place.

12. Add in a product filter

You can also add filters to make your e-commerce website more accessible. If you go to any leading e-commerce website you will notice that they have a filter through which you can set price range, brand and colour of the product you want and it will only show that.

13. Maintain Natural flow

You should maintain the natural flow of eyes while designing your e-commerce website. There are a lot of studies that have shown that peoples usually follow E or F formation when going through a website. So you should keep this in mind when preparing your E-Commerce website.

14. Grid layout

Follow the grid layout to show your products because it is best to keep your products in rows and columns when someone is browsing them.

15. Fast, easy checkout

Keep your payment process as simple as possible because a complicated checkout process will only lead to cart abandonment. Keep every payment option in out front. A close guide on what needs to be done should also be written beside the given option.

16. Thank you pages

Once someone has made the checkout do not forget to add in a thank you page. This page works both ways. First, it helps in the confirmation of the order, and second, this gives the clients the satisfaction that their purchase has gone through. Moreover if you are looking for Rajya Sabha Secretariat Recruitment then it could be best chance to try it.

17. Mobile optimization

Keep your e-commerce website mobile friendly because more than 50% of your potential leads are going to access your website through mobile. They will instantly leave if your website is not compatible with their phones. You can also prepare an application for Android and Ios.

18. FAQ page

Do not forget to add in FAQ page in which you can mention everything that you want your client to know about a certain product.

19. Social media linking

You can easily boost the SEO rankings of your website by Social media linking.

So these are our list of 19 tips that you can follow to design a compelling e-commerce website.