Hottest B2B Content Marketing Trends and Statistics in 2019

The marketing world is changing each day. New devices and technologies develop, fresh minds put new twists on old strategies, and the bar for quality keeps on rising as audiences everywhere are presented to more content in a day than they could process. For each and every change that have taken place throughout the years, one thing is for sure that content marketing will be there for long time and there are signs of backing off. Indeed, this time a year ago, it was evaluated that the content marketing industry would be worth more than $400 billion by 2021. Contentualize shows the significance of B2B content marketing systems which will shape the way organizations and their gatherings of people make and consume content in 2019.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a procedure to promote your item or services through messages. It is utilized all around the world to an extensive degree which enables business to convey and connect directly with their clients. A quality email campaign can rapidly produce the both sales and brand awareness. Email marketing has a normal ROI of 4,400% which means you can make a surprising $44 for each dollar you spend on email marketing. At the end of the day, this channel is a standout amongst the most productive types of digital marketing accessible today.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing a marketing strategy that focuses around collaborating with key people to promote your brand message to their online audience. Instead of purchasing an ad to contact individuals, you rather hire an influencer to spread your message for you. According to a study, 30% consumers are more likely to purchase an item suggested by an influencer. Consumers can relate more to these influencers and value their opinions more than that of brand itself. Both the ROI and marketing capability of influencer marketing are great.

Social Media

Social media stages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are accepting their enormous role in digital marketing. These social networking channels have pulled in numerous people through attractive posts and infographics. The influencer marketing is on the rise because of social media. This has encouraged organizations to publicize and promote their product and service by means of social media. Social media marketing is experiencing tremendous development since the year 2012, which is said to increase more in 2019. So, this will be among the top content marketing trends that will overwhelm this year, for sure.

Paid Distribution Channels

Putting your substance before the right people is obviously the most important step. Through appropriate distribution, you’re putting your content and brand up front fuelling conversions and finally bargains. This is the place where paid promoting turns into a fundamental factor.

Audio/Visual Content

Circumstances are different and simply focusing on textual content for sharing information isn’t adequate these days. In the present age having digital marketing campaign, stressing on visual content is the best strategy. Marketing studies have shown that visual substance like photos, videos, info-graphics etc are the centre to how a checking story is imparted to the engaged audience. In order to guarantee that the group of viewers holds your message absolutely, you should exploit the visual content.

B2B Marketing

5 Steps For Successful Content Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy

In this post I will reveal 5 steps for successful content marketing. Today, all most everyone knows the importance of content marketing. In the growing online technology, content is also making its strong hold on the market. And if it is an affiliate marketing content, the success gets weirder due to very tight competition on the market. But with the proper process you can get on the top. This post will reveal five most essential steps that would bring success to your door steps. 

These 5 steps for successful content marketing would stand your content in the first line of the competitors and would give you addictive feel of success. So without ado let us explore these 5 steps for successful marketing

Heading Wise Categorization of the 5 Steps For Successful Content Marketing

For understanding all the step clearly and making the concept understandable I am dividing all the steps into headings. It would be easy to read and understand this way.

Benchmark Current Use Of Content Marketing

Do you know what sort of marketing plan you are executing for your content? If you know the facts and the results for the current marketing plan you would know the customer answers or approach towards your niche or content. I am going to reveal some pro tips to get the concept clearer. 

Tip: Form or create a 4 by 4 matrix for you whole business or content to know which one is effective and which content need to be re-purposed for getting more audience. This matrix would help you filling the gaps in your existing content and obviously the marketing plan you have executed for it. The realistic data would come forward which could be analyze easily and also give you the direction to follow.

You should arrange your data in the manner where purpose should be in the first row and first column against the targeted people or audience in the second column on the first row. On the second row and first column put the data of your process which you defined for your project against the participation on the second column and second row. So the 4 by 4 matrix would form a table where all the information would be categorized.

Make A Content Marketing Strategy

Define a content marketing strategy to get a clear picture of your vision for reaching out to more audience which you are targeting for your content. Here you would sort out all the information you already set on the benchmark. Now define the people or audience you want to engage in your content and the audience you want to participate in your project. Measure for your outcomes and set goals to reach out your target. You should set for key performance indicators and also the expected outcomes. If you have more resources to utilize in your business this would help you out more easily. 

Tip: Use you common thinking and reading more contents about the marketing strategy would bring you more knowledge. It would enhance your capabilities to analyze more effectively and you would be able to get fruitful results in long term.

Market Analysis

The most important part in the progressive businesses is market analysis as per your niche or product for which you are going to execute the marketing plan. You should know the market very well and should be clear about your idea. Make the things simple and understandable for yourself and also for your audience. It would help your business standing among the competitors and would enable you to reach to the right customer.

Smart Investment In Content Marketing

Do not just go for investing your hard earned cash in anything. Make smart choices about utilization of your resources. Get into the mind of your customer and plan your marketing strategy accordingly. Sometimes you would have some mini project that could be handled in-house. Do not go for outsourcing such projects. It would save you more resources in terms of investments. Think smartly and play smartly to lead the market.

Unique Content Format

It is extremely important to keep your content in a unique format to get to the top. Use simple and easy wording during creation of the content. Think about the people or audience first, those are the most relevant stakeholder you want to target in your business. Now do not forget about the prospectus of the content and also the influencers setting out there in the market dealing with the same format of content. So be precise and accurate in creation of the content to lead the market.