Improve Your Lifestyle & Know The Facts of Ducted Air Conditioning in Sydney!

When it comes to ducted air conditioning, it is quite an ingenious process with a long history though many people take this for granted.

Since Willis Havilland Carrier invented the world’s first “apparatus for treating air” in 1902, it certainly has come a long way for lifestyle improvements since then….

The team from Ducted Air Conditioning Sydney has put together some facts about this system which you may or may not know.

1.There is approximately three times the cooling/heating energy than the compressor is what a ducted air conditioning system’s motor produces.

“For every kW of electricity consumed, three or more kW of heating or cooling capacity can be produced” according to Choice’s Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Buying Guide.

Allowing the system to move more energy than what the compressor actually needs to maintain a constant temperature with the changing of the refrigerant from a liquid to a gas and then back to a liquid, and this is a very efficient process.

2. For removing the particles from the air, a clogged filter actually is more efficient

It will reduce the airflow by increasing resistance to the point where the system will not do the job well and this is the down side to it. It will begin to pollute the air itself if your filter is too dirty.

3. Sapping the energy-efficiency by as much as 40%, ducts can and do leak

If quality ducting is installed in the first place, this is much likely less to happen. Ensuring that the ducts are regularly checked is also an important thing.

Leaky ducts can lead to the malfunctioning of the air conditioner. So, it is advisable to call for the professional service man for a thorough maintenance service for sealing the leaky ducts.

4. It is not ideal to close doors and windows for an extended period.

What about health and comfort while sealing your home completely will make your home cooler? Ducted air conditioning should keep the air cleaner, less, humid and more importantly ventilated as they are designed to do more than controlling temperatures.

To avoid the contaminants to get inside, and lead to health and comfort issues, adequate ventilation is essential. The ventilation should fully replace the inside air every four hours or so depending on the age, size, and design of your home.

5. Increase humidity by keeping the thermostat in the “Fan On” position

The fan blows continually regardless whether the cooling system is running when the thermostat fan is on. Defeating the purpose, this means that a lot of the moisture your ducted air con just extracted from the air will be blown straight back.

6. The running cost increases up to 15% every degree lower you set the temperature

Ideally 25 or 24 degrees Celsius in summer and around 20 degrees in winter is good which makes you comfortable.

7. Ducted air conditioning is often more cost-effective than the split systems.

A ducted system can be more effective than a split system air conditioner in the long run because of its superior insulation and purpose-designed airflow despite its initial higher cost.

As there is an even dispersion of airflow throughout the house, in every single room so that everyone is comfortable without having one area being colder than the other, we feel that the ducted air conditioning is the ultimate climate control for the whole home. With the conditioned air being disbursed through the ducts which are hidden in the roof space to outlets in the ceiling of each room, it is also appealing as they are relatively unobtrusive.